Quality / ISO

Midgard’s operations are driven by a total commitment to quality.

Midgard’s operations are driven by total commitment to quality assurance and continuous quality improvement. Our continually trained and highly skilled staff enable us to ensure the quality of your molded parts from conception to completion – all done to customer specification. Our goal is to prevent problems before they arise.

Midgard, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified with SRI Quality System Registrar. Beyond quality assurance oriented toward direct production, we utilize a program which monitors all aspects of the job from raw material inspections and first piece inspection reports, to quality checks throughout the production process. We retain first and last parts to assure quality from lot-to-lot with our inspection department fully equipped with the latest in mechanical measuring devices and supporting software to provide for accurate and repeatable dimensional checks.

We measure the melt flow index prior to starting a run in order to anticipate material characteristics and adjust molding parameters accordingly. The moisture content is also measured prior to running production to assure the material meets the recommended dryness specification which, in turn, will maximize the material performance in the molded product.