Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Your Plastic Injection Molding Solution

Since 1955, Midgard has provided custom engineered injection molding solutions for a broad range of industries,

We are injection molders producing custom designed, high quality components in two modern facilities located in Pennsylvania and Florida. As injection molders, we specialize in the production of custom designed, high quality components using engineering and commodity grade resins. Our modern injection molding facilities are located in Green Lane, Pennsylvania and Lake Wales, Florida. The employees of each are continuously trained to maintain the utmost standards with all production steps subjected to continuous quality monitoring. Before any product is made, we test our raw materials for any contaminants or imperfections such as MFI and specific moisture content. It is because of our focus on quality in both the tools and materials we use as well as the products we make that Midgard maintains an ISO-9001 certification along with full manual compliance. This all attributes to our obligation of producing components to match customer specifications.

Our service of injection molding is made possible through the use of in-house molding machines, ranging in size from 25 – 725 tons and shot size from .1 – 95 ounces. Utilizing hot runner molds, robotic tooling, fixturing, and press side operations, we are able to conserve material and reduce costs. Our use of robotics and special fixtures help to improve production efficiencies while vertical rotary tables improve production efficiency related to insert-molding or over-molding. These processes are now benefited further by our new capability with collaborative robotics along with an Industry 4.0 real-time resource management system working together to assure your product is made as efficiently and consistently as possible.

Some cost savings measures utilized at Midgard include hot runner systems, cold runners with sub-gates for auto de-gating as well as the aforementioned robotics equipped with cutting fixtures to eliminate labor when cold runners with edge gates are required. Also available is press side assembly and packaging when possible to eliminate secondary operation costs.

Midgard has experience with insert molding as well as over-molding. We have a two-station vertical rotary press that aid in reducing cycle times when loading inserts or parts for over-molding are necessary. Threaded inserts are a way commonly used when we design tools to eliminate issues when self-tapping holes does not fit the requirement.